Enter at the heart of the Francis Abécassis Estates and discover the secrets of the most sought-after spirit in the world's production process. During a comprehensive visit, from the vineyards to the glass of Cognac, you will witness the result of a centennial know-how.

An Ideally Located Vineyard

 Wander around our vineyards, located atop a chalky hill, revealing the surrounding terroir's specificity, and discover the perks of our distillation wines.

A Traditionnal Distillation


 Enter inside our distillery and learn about the very specific rules of the Charentaise' double distillation, performed in authentic Charentais' alambic stills.

Ageing And Blending

 At the heart of our ageing cellars, seek and spot the aromas of the Cognac inside the oak vats and find about the art of blending and tasting this exceptional spirit.


Welcome On Our Grounds

A Unique Estate,

A Single History,

A Magical Visit!